FGFC820: Real American Heroes

Urban audio warfare.

FGFC820 is the harsh EBM project of NYC artists REXX ARKANA and DRÄCOS VON STRECKER. Formed in 2004, the band signed with Germany’s NOITEKK RECORDS to release their debut album - Urban Audio Warfare - in 2006. Their sophomore effort - Law & Ordnance - followed two years later, and their third full length - Homeland Insecurity - was issued in 2012. Over the years, the band has recorded for various compilations and labels internationally.

The project is known for their anthemic live performances and has headlined music festivals in North & South America and across Europe. Despite their perceived militaristic “pro-America” image, FGFC820 has amassed loyal fanbases abroad - Mexico, Russia and Germany in particular, where they have performed multiple times. This is notable by the large number of industrial dance videos uploaded to YouTube by the band’s fans.

Enlist. Engage.

In 2012, ReGen Magazine contracted Mechanical Harvest to interrogate the project

for further intel behind the meaning of their message...and their moniker.

The following footage was recorded in an undisclosed location deep underground NYC.

Caution: Live Ordnance.

Various field recordings from around the world begin to appear online, revealing the project’s tactics.

Further investigations uncovered the following dossier - prepared by unknown sources - documenting the project’s locations and activities, circa 2013.

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