The state of the art of underground electronic dance music.

In the summer of 1995

a small record company named RAS DVA RECORDS made a lasting impact on industrial music with the release of the quadruple CD compilation, THERE IS NO TIME.

Curated by label founder and former college radio DJ,    RIC LACIAK, the “quad comp” presented the state of the art of underground industrial music, via the inclusion of dozens of acts from various labels around the globe. Historic and unprecedented, THERE IS NO TIME quickly became one of the genre’s hallmark releases.

(photo courtesy of Liz Laciak)

I had the honor of working promotions for the label. I collaborated closely with Ric in those days and we eventually became friends, sharing a love for industrial and, ultimately, a history of cancer. We often talked about a second edition of the series before he passed away.

PASSING STRANGERS is dedicated to RAS DVA RECORDS and my friend Ric - a vision of what could have been - and to everyone around the world who loves this music as much as we have.


Supporting Cancer Research & Treatment

$5 from the direct sale of each compilation will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


(New acts announced weekly)


The pioneering Belgian EBM/New beat project A SPLIT-SECOND was formed in 1985 by Marc Ickx, debuting on Antler Records in 1986 with the classic club cut “Flesh.” True industrial idols.

(Watch this exclusive YouTube interview with Marc & Rexx, courtesy of 80sObscurities and STATIK INDUSTRIAL TV)


Founded in 1979 by Dirk Ivens, Marc de Jonghe and Veerle de Schepper, Belgium’s ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL is an inception-level electronic act that has influenced generations of artists to follow. Comprised of Ivens and frequent collaborator Eric Van Wonterghem (Insekt) since 1981, ABC are musical progenitors of the highest order.

*Original contributor to THERE IS NO TIME (as Dive/Klinik)


With menacing and soaring synth work, Davey Partain of Florida’s ÆON RINGS crafts emotive and infectious electronic pop music with an edge. Active since 2014, the project’s milieu is cinematic soundscapes that cross over to the dance floor.


Uwe Kanka and Dirk Krause met in Kassel, Germany in 1986 and formed ARMAGEDDON DILDOS two years later. Their debut single - “East West” - is industrial music canon, and like BiGod 20 before them, AD is one of the few acts from our scene to have spent time on a major label roster. Legends.


Los Angeles-based Anton Floriano and Craig Degraff formed BLACK LIGHT ODYSSEY as a production and DJ duo, having remixed the likes of Depeche Mode, IAMX, Nitzer Ebb and many others. The duo bring slick studio sensibilities to the mix, updating familiar sounds for modern dance floors.


Two more from the house of Talla 2XLC, German Andreas Froese and Dane Claus Larsen both debuted their projects in 1989. BLIND VISION remains a DEFCON NYC favorite, while LEÆTHER STRIP has penned more hits than you can count. Esteemed and iconic, they come together on a brand new collab for the comp.

*Original contributor to THERE IS NO TIME (as Leæther Strip)


Hailed for their caustic noisy rhythms, CENOTYPE emits a toxic soundcloud that is every bit as corrosive and gritty as the industrial New Jersey landscape from which it oozes. Frontman Len is also a renowned area DJ who you might find lurking the dark corners of Newark’s famed QXTs club.


The old school EBM scene in Latin America is still muy fuerte, as Argentina’s CIVIL HATE is here to attest. Their Spanish-language contribution to the comp is a proud salute to tradition and a fine representative of la escena oscura.


The first of Haus Arkana label head Rexx Arkana’s contributions to the compilation is the dark electronic dance music project COLDKILL, featuring fellow New Yorker Eric Eldredge from futurepop outfit Interface.


Friends and electronic music fans Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius and Clas Nachmanson created COVENANT in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1988. In the decades since, the act has gone on to become one of the biggest in the scene, with the help of multiple subsequent collaborators and a rabid global fanbase. It’s an honor and a privilege to count them among the PS family.


All the way from Latvia come CRYING SKIES, aka programmer, composer and DJ Aivis Stepāns. Inspired by urban industry and futurism, the project - first appearing in 2018 - has released on popular indie labels Detriti Records and OSM Tapes to date.


Tenured Texan CURSE MACKEY is a titan of the old school industrial scene. In addition to being a founding member of rivet-punk project Evil Mothers, Mackey is also a performing partner in Pigface and a frequent collaborator with My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.


Founded in 2020, androgynous Dutch artist DEAD LIGHTS create visceral, raw art that disrupts gender and genre. With a blend of brutal, dance-orientated beats and catchy lyricism, this new act from The Netherlands is helmed by experienced musician Richard van Kruysdijk.


DISCIPLINE & CONTROL is one Anthony Kirk, a serious young man from London with an inquisitive love for Razormaid!, Giorgio Moroder and early Wax Trax! This comp appearance will be the first time people are hearing of the project, but we predict it won’t be the last.


DRY_FEEL is the stellar EBM project from Greek artist and Dystatik music label head Nick Chrysochoos. Heavily influenced by 80s post-punk and synth music and spiriting the DIY approach of the era, the project has appeared on Mosaique Records, Pildoras Tapes and, most recently, X-IMG Berlin.


Germany’s Daniel Myer is one of dance music’s most prolific contemporary artists, with involvement in a multitude of projects aside from his principle act, Haujobb. DESTROID, aka DSTR, is an electro-industrial ensemble established in 2004.

*Original contributor to THERE IS NO TIME (as Haujobb).


As the original location of the famed Wax Trax! franchise, Denver, Colorado has deep roots in industrial music. A thriving city scene is represented here by artist Fernando Altonaga and his EBM-inspired outfit eHpH.


UK musician/filmmaker Jamie Blacker brings influences from the metal and rhythmic noise scenes to his high-energy brand of electronic music. Apart from his ESA project, Blacker also serves as a frequent vocal contributor to pal Scott Fox’s band variant of iVardensphere.

(Watch this video interview with Jamie & Rexx at Mechanismus Festival 2019, courtesy of STATIK INDUSTRIAL TV)


Mike Smith is a modular producer and DJ from Scotland who also writes and records under the name Crossover Network. Here, he showcases impressive techno/EBM leanings with his more recent project, E.L.I.


Minneapolis, MN audio artist ENDIF draws upon a broad spectrum of experiences and influences and distills them into original sonic compositions. Musician Jason Hollis incorporates a syncrete of techniques in service of his uncompromising aesthetic.


Texas brothers Robert and John Bustamante debuted their FEKTION FEKLER project on Portuguese cassette label SPH in 1992 before signing to American indie Pendragon Records. For their PS contribution, the band collaborated with fellow Texan and THERE IS NO TIME original Gary Dassing of Mentallo & The Fixer.


The second of Haus Arkana label head Rexx Arkana’s contributions to the compilation is NYC harsh EBM project FGFC820. Formed in 2004 with DJ/musician DRÄCOS VON STRECKER, the band is a festival favorite that has performed from Mexico to Moscow.


Like the fabled Pied Piper of his hometown, Hamelin’s Gerritt Thomas is one accomplished performer. As the principal songwriter for such projects as Funker Vogt, Eisfabrik, Fictional, Ravenous and more, his music attracts fans from dark corners everywhere. For PS, he delivers an exclusive mix as FUSSPILS 11.


Singer/songwriter Brian Graupner formed THE GOTHSICLES in Madison, Wisconsin in 2002. In the twenty years since, Graupner - now based in Boston - has created a unique (and often comical) artistic brand that sets the project apart from all others in the scene today.


HAMMERSHØI is a French synth duo born out of confinement and human-machine communication. Their musical style draws inspiration from minimal and French Wave and EBM, and reveals artistic influences derived from German expressionism and art.


London musician and DJ MATT HART has been self-releasing material since 2015. His brash blend of industrial metal mayhem echoes strongly of his influences, and his Twitch stream appearances during the pandemic were international rivet head hangouts.


Vancouver newcomers HEM NETJER combine ancient stories, traditional instruments and modern technology to weave a complex and textured sonic tapestry. The trio’s electronic incantations summon spirits of the old worlds through music.


DJ/Producer Raye Albate has been stirring clubs along the US East Coast with a modern mashup of techno/house and harsh industrial. She has recorded and released on multiple labels to date under the moniker HER NOISE IS VIOLENCE.


UK’s INERTIA was formed by Reza Udhin in 1992, before making their MCD debut on cult label Celtic Circle three years later. With scores of tours and festival spots in their long history, the band have earned their place through decades of hard work. For PS, they’re joined by legendary guitarist Steve White of KMFDM.


From the dark and twisted mind of Los Angelean Christopher Rivera erupts INVA//ID. Infusing percussive electronics with vitriolic rage and angst, Rivera and crew roll up with a sound that is powerfully raw and ready to throw down.


Originally formed as gRid in 1992, Southern California foursome KEVORKIAN DEATH CYCLE released the classic “Collection for Injection” on RAS DVA RECORDS in 1994. Core duo Roger Jarvis and Ryan Gribbin have kept the rage machines running ever since.

*Original contributor to THERE IS NO TIME.


It’s not clear why so many industrial bands come from Texas, but don’t overlook Austin’s Los Vincent when taking inventory. The songwriter fronts two projects himself. KOUNTER MEZHURE - his soundtrack for social disorder - appears here.


Austin, Texas-based solo EBM project L released her debut album in 2020, then followed up with an EP of remixes from HANTE., Rendered, SRSQ and others. This past October, she further impressed as the opening act for French synthwave duo Minuit Machine on several U.S. dates.


Launched in 1992 by Zoth Ommog/Music Research-er Torben Schmidt, Germany’s LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA have released several hit singles and albums in the 30 years since.

*Original contributor to THERE IS NO TIME.


Synthwave duo LOLA KUMTUS arrives from Helsinki, Finland to scribe minimal tunes about melancholy. The project first appeared in 2013, but really turned heads in the last five years with a trio of releases on Young and Cold Records.


Few artists in today’s crowded Los Angeles industrial scene can rival the street cred or the audio proficiency of producer/musician Karloz M. His main act - the cacophonic powernoise project Manufactura - debuted over 20 years ago. While his latest, MARRED, exposes deeper emotional scars.


Solo artist Brian Blaknoise brings violent industrial bass music from Boston under the banner of MORIS BLAK. In addition to serving dubstep-derived dance, Blaknoise is also a well-respected mentor in the musician community, known for sharing his production secrets via popular instructional live streams.


German cyberpunk duo NEUROKLAST formed in 2020 by Kay S. (Chainreactor) and composer Markus H. (Readjust/Fractal Age). Currently signed with ProNoize Dark Dimensions, the tandem tweak mid-tempo tracks with elements of metal into a thumping brand of industrial recognizable as their own.


Jan Loamfield first began producing music on a Commodore 64 in Germany in the late 80s. He started out playing techno parties before his music turned towards the dark side of aggrotech and powernoise. His NOISUF-X project features hard beats, driving basslines and anthemic synth leads, perfect for club play.


The Athens-based dark techno/EBM duo known as ONE FLESH.INFEKTION. was formed by “Mike” Vasilas & Efi Ioannou in 2020. In the short time since, their aggressive punk-influenced industrial has spread through the club scene like a virus.


Hannover-based EBM outfit ORANGE SECTOR first debuted on Zoth Ommog in 1993. With thirteen albums in thirty years, the band has earned respect and credibility for both their patented sound and their prolific output.

*Original contributor to THERE IS NO TIME.


Since the 1990s, Norway’s Ole Anders Olsen has been writing music under various monikers and musical styles. Best known as the frontman for Icon of Coil and Combichrist, Olsen here presents the exclusive debut of his new POINT5 project.


Forefathers of Swedish EBM, POUPÉE FABRIKK was founded in Karlskoga in 1988 by Henrik Björkk and Leif Holm. Inspired by the minimalism of bands like Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF), the band’s hard-hitting, unapologetically old school approach honors the genre’s traditions.


RED-MEAT brings angry queer body music and sex positive energy from the sonic cityscapes of Manchester, England. They’ve been catching looks of late on stages across the North, while they finish writing and recording material for their second release.


Arisen from the hinterland of Frankfurt, Germany, the dark electronic project REICHSFEIND was founded by Timo Revna in early 2011. A self-proclaimed “bastard of raw nihilism,” Revna brings dark atmospheres, driving beats and a confident persona to the PS table.


Criminally underrated in modern times, musician Jean-Marc Lederman has been doing this as long as anyone. He debuted his Kid Montana alter-ego in 1981, before stints with Fad Gadget and Gene Loves Jezebel. Astute industrial observers recall his work in 3 Angry Poles and The Weathermen. For the compilation, his current collab with Chiasm’s Emileigh Rohn adds vocalist and scene luminary Jean-Luc De Meyer of FRONT 242.


A trio of Munich DJs came together in 2016 to form the minimal dance act RUE OBERKAMPF. Evoking 80s club fantasies under the cloak of fog-shrouded, strobe-lit dance floors, the music’s gritty drive envelopes Julia’s French-German-English vocals in rich modern-retro mystique.


From the dorf that brought us D.A.F. and Kraftwerk comes the cold musical industry of SANDERSON & ESTERHAUS. Fusing field recordings, flesh and steel, this Düsseldorf duo of man and machine compose organized chaos in the original industrial sense.


Drawing influence from techno, minimal-wave and industrial, Canadian duo SIGSALY weave hard-hitting electronics with alluringly dark vocals; lyrically inspired by love, loss and those bleak British Columbia winters.


Soil Records’ label founder Ian Broch is a key stakeholder of the electronic scene in Valencia, Spain, influencing the region’s music culture as a DJ and promoter. Since 2014, he has also been writing and releasing his own material under the project name SOJ.


Originally a remixer and sound engineer for the likes of Hocico, Absurd Minds and Terminal Choice, Dresden’s Kolja Trelle debuted his musical project SOMAN on Out of Line Records in 2003. In the 20 years since, he’s become a popular performer in his own right.


Dallas dark electro act SPANKTHENUN brings an old school flare to remind rivetheads that Texas has always been the place for industrial. Formed three years ago, the duo has worked with electronic music legends like Claus Larsen and Empirion.


Washington, D.C. multimedia artist Steven Archer is often associated with his gothic rock project Ego Likeness. In addition to STONEBURNER, he also fronts :Hopeful Machines: and has composed music for NASA.


Germany’s STOPPENBERG is the EDM/TBM side-project of Essen studio master, Jan Loamfield. Best known in the scene for his work as Noisuf-X and X-Fusion, Loamfield is equally esteemed in the industry for his remixing, mastering and mixing skills.


Considered by many as the “Grandfather of Hellectro,” Belgian Johan Van Roy of SUICIDE COMMANDO has patented a distinctive sound that has ruled night clubs and music festivals for over 20 years. Indisputably one of the most successful scene acts of the modern era and a true industrial original.

*Original contributor to THERE IS NO TIME.


Belgian techno-tribal troupe THIS MORN’ OMINA was founded by Mika Goedrijk in 1996. Their track “One eYed Man” remains a floor-filler twenty years after its release. ELECTRONIC SUBSTANCE ABUSE mastermind Jaime Blacker brings heavy beats and sexy bravado from the grim north of England.


From Italy come the unstoppable techno-industrial grooves of UNCONSCIOUS. Milan-based Andrea Riberti is a live artist and producer with roots firmly cemented in early rave culture. He launched this project in 2013 to push the boundaries of dance music and further experiment with raw, post-industrial sounds.


Dan Barrett (Worms of the Earth) formed VENAL FLESH with bandmate VanityKills in Washington, D.C. in 2010. Theirs is a unique take on melodic, atmospheric dark electro in which the influences of musical genres outside the traditional industrial arena are quickly audible.


Edmonton, Alberta wells forth our third and final Canadian act, VISITOR. Founded in 2017 by Philip Traikovski, the project weaves old school EBM and new beat into a dancefloor sound that is both modern and timeless.


Forged in the fire of Berlin’s warehouse rave scene, XTR HUMAN is the one-man project of Johannes Stabel. Beneath a furious layer of mechanized music, Stabel brings a leather-clad hammer to modern goth culture.



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